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Kissing Coffins (Vampire Kisses #2)(8)
Author: Ellen Schreiber

I pushed my way to the bar, where a longhaired bartender wearing lipstick and eye shadow was pouring red liquor into a martini glass.

"What can I get for you?" he asked. "Blood beer or an Execution?"

"I'd like an Execution, but make it a virgin," I replied with confidence. "I'm driving. Or should I say flying."

The grim bartender broke into a smile. He took two pewter bottles off the shelf and poured them into an iron-maiden-shaped glass.

"That'll be nine dollars." "Can I keep the glass?" I asked. I sounded like an excited kid at an amusement park instead of an underage teen trying to be cool at a bar.

I handed him a ten. "Keep the change," I said proudly, like I'd seen my dad do a thousand times. I wasn't even sure I was leaving a proper tip.

I took a sip of the red slush, which tasted like tomato juice.

"Was a bald man wearing a dark cloak here the other night?" I asked, shouting over the blaring music. "He made a phone call from the club."

"That guy's here every night."

I smiled eagerly. "Really?"

"And at least fifty guys just like him," he answered loudly.

I turned around. He was right. There were as many shaved heads as there were spiked ones.

"He has creepy-looking eyes and a Romanian accent," I added.

"Oh, that dude?" he asked, pointing to a skinny, bald man with a gray cloak, talking to a girl in a Wednesday Addams dress in the corner.


I quickly pushed my way through the crowd.

"Jameson!" I shouted, tapping him on the shoulder. "It's me!"

He turned around. But instead of actually being a senior citizen, he just looked like one. I fled before he could ask me to bond with him for eternity. I scooted by the gothic marketplace, not having time to stop and purchase pewter, crystal, or silver amulets or have my tarot cards read.

But when I passed the last booth, a palm reader grabbed my hand. "You are looking for love," she said.

A single girl in a club looking for love? What were the odds of that?

"Well, where is he?" I challenged, shouting over the blaring music.

"He's closer than you think," she answered mysteriously.

I glanced around the packed club. "Where?" I hollered.

The reader said nothing.

I slipped a couple of dollars into her palm. "Which direction?" I asked loudly.

She looked into my eyes. "East."

"The bar?"

"You must look in here," she said, and pointed with her other hand to her heart.

"I don't need pithy sayings. I need a map!" I chided, and continued to make my way through the crowd.

I stopped at the DJ booth.

"Did you see a bald man here recently?" I asked the DJ, who was dressed in a white lab coat with fake blood splattered on it.


"Did you see a bald man here last weekend?" I repeated. He shrugged his shoulders.

"He may have been wearing a gray cloak."


"The man I'm asking about!" The music was so loud, even I couldn't hear myself.

"Ask Romeo at the bar," he hollered back.

"I already did!" I grumbled.

As I returned to the bar, I spotted a dark-haired guy in jeans and a charcoal gray T-shirt leaning against a Corinthian column on the dance floor.

I pushed past the clubsters, my heart beating full force. "Alexander?"

But on closer inspection, I was confronted with a twenty- something wearing a BITE ME T-shirt and reeking of alcohol.

Frustrated, I headed back to the bar once again.

"That wasn't him," I said to Romeo. "The guy I'm talking about made a phone call from the Coffin Club."

Romeo turned to his Elviraish counterpart, who was placing a tip into her bra.

"Hey, this girl's looking for a bald guy who came to the club the other night," Romeo said. "He made a phone call from here."

"Oh, yeah, that sounds familiar," she said.

"Really?" I perked up.

"I remember because he asked to use the phone. No one asks anymore. Everyone has a cell." "Did he tell you where he was staying?"

"No. He just said thank you and gave me a twenty for handing him our phone."

"Was he with anyone?" I asked, eager to receive news of Alexander.

"I think I saw him hanging out with a guy in a Dracula cape."

"Alexander?" I asked excitedly. "Was his name Alexander Sterling?"

Romeo looked at me as if he had recognized the name, but then turned away to wipe down the bar.

"I didn't have time for introductions," Elvira said. She turned away from me and waited on a guy dressed in leather waving a twenty.

Jameson had been here! And possibly Alexander, in the cape he had worn on the last night I saw him.

I looked around the club for any signs that might help me find him. Maybe Alexander found this place completely bogus. Was this club just full of outcast goths like me, or were any of them real vampires? Then I remembered the way to spot a true vampire was by not looking at them.

I reached into my purse and pulled out Ruby's compact. Every fanged clubster around me reflected back. I had to think of another plan. I replaced the compact and headed for the door.

Suddenly I felt a cold hand on my shoulder.

I turned around.

"I think I know who you want to see," Romeo said.

"You do?" "Follow me."

I hung close to my gothic usher, half exhilarated, half terrified.

He led me up the spiral staircase to the balcony. A shadowy figure sat on a coffin-shaped couch, a large goblet and a candelabra before him on a round coffee table.

The mysterious figure glared up at me. I felt a sudden chill. I could barely whisper, "Alexander--"

The lone figure pulled the candelabra close, illuminating his features.

It wasn't Alexander.

Instead, sitting in front of me was a cryptic-looking teen, his cadaverous yet attractive face almost hidden beneath dripping white hair with red ends, as if they had been dipped in blood. Three silver rings pierced his eyebrow, and a pewter skeleton hung from his left ear. His seductive eyes pierced through me, one metallic green, the other ice blue. The whites were filled with spiderwebbed veins, as if he'd been awake for days. His skin was the color of death. His fingernails were painted black, like mine, and he wore a tattoo on his arm, which read POSSESS.

It took all my strength to turn away from his intoxicating gaze, as if I were trying to break an unearthly spell.

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